New agricultural machinery

To cater for the varied needs of our customers we offer a broad range of new machinery including Massey Ferguson tractors, Fendt tractors and also Valtra tractors.

In the cultivation sector we offer a breadth of products from Kverneland, SUMO, HE-VA, SKY Drills and Claydon and the mowing and hedging sector is well catered by Bomford Turner, Major Equipment and Votex, as well as other key brands.

The demand for sprayers and spreaders are met by Chafer, RoGator and Kverneland. Plus, world-renowned brands Manitou and Massey Ferguson provide the essential handler equipment needed on today's busy farm.

Ask your local Area Sales Manager for more details.

Ploughs, harrows and cultivation

Kverneland mounted reversible ploughs Kverneland mounted reversible ploughs• Fully automated non-stop Auto-Reset system (on 150S and E models) or shear-bolt leg protection (on 150B and L models)
• Complete plough is heat treated and frames are heat treated by induction twice to make it stronger but not heavier
• All plough bodies can be fitted with Knock-on points
• Reduced lift requirements and easy to pull
• Variomat - Vari-width system for 'on the move' ploughing width adjustments (EG, EO, LB and LO only)
Kverneland stubble cultivators Kverneland stubble cultivators• Tines designed to guarantee penetration even in extreme conditions
• Knock-on system for shares
• Flexible, maintenance-free tines, for cracking and crumbling
• 2-bar frame on CLC Evo to match with low tractor power and 3 bar frame on CLC Pro and CLC Pro Classic for optimum mixing and blockage free operation
Claydon straw harrows Claydon straw harrowsClaydon straw harrows create a micro tilth in the top 30mm of soil and use the retained moisture for a fast, even germination of weeds. Claydon straw harrows rake out and destroy weeds at the cotyledon stage, removing a food source for slugs. They also reduce slug populations by breaking up their nests and drying out their eggs by mixing up and exposing damp chaff and lying straw to sunlight.

At speeds of up to 25 km/hr, Claydon straw harrows are an effective straw and stubble management tool. They shatter straw, breaking it up for faster decomposition, and can be used before or after cultivations to level soil and create a fine tilth.
SUMO Trio SUMO TrioThe Tio range from SUMO enable one-pass stubble cultivation.
The ultra-low draught subsoiler legs are mounted in a staggered pattern on a heavy duty toolbar. Adjustable to a maximum depth of 400mm via pins featuring a carbide tipped concord point.
The double row of 500mm concave discs are mounted in pairs on independently suspended arms on a fully removeable frame.
The removeable disc unit allows the Trio to be used as a subsoiler with low surface distrubances, ideal for sowing oilseed rape in one pass.
The patented Multipacka, featuring 509 x 10mm barrel with shouldered rings and drive lugs, prodivdes a total diameter of 760mm.

Self propelled and trailed sprayers

Fendt RoGator Fendt RoGatorThe three models in this range come with high specification right from the start.

RG635 4 cylinder engine, 40kph transmission with a choice of 4000/5000L tank and boom width up to 36m.
RG645 6 cylinder, 40 or 50kph option transmission with a choice of 4000/5000L tank and boom width up to 36m.
RG655 6 cylinder, 40 or 50kph option transmission with a choice of 5000/6000L tank and boom width up to 36m.
Fendt RG300 trailed Fendt RG300 trailedIn 2016 AGCO launched the Rogator RG300 trailed machine.,

The RG300 was launched with all the benefits of the RG600 Series but in trailed form, with boom widths of 24m/28m and 30m available and a choice of 3300L, 4400L, 5500L or 6600L tank.
Chafer trailed sprayers Chafer trailed sprayersChafer Machinery build strong, technologically advanced and simple to operate spraying equipment.

Custom built for each individual customer, Chafer crop sprayers offer outstanding performance and productivity.

Chafer Machinery’s range of trailed, demountable and self-propelled crop sprayers offer something for every farmer or contractor aiming to improve their spraying.

Seed and hybrid drills

Kverneland seed drill combinations Kverneland seed drill combinationsThe U Drill

• Trailed seed drill combination available in 6m working width to carry out seedbed preparation, levelling, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass
• Large hopper volume of 4,350L and two easily accessible electric driven metering units
• High speed operation (10-18km/h)
• Perfect seed placement
• Unique modular frame concept for flexible adjustment to customers' requirements
• Fully ISOBUS compatible
• Automatically controlled headland management
• Ready for GEOcontrol in order to control application rate and half-width shut-off
Kverneland seed drill combinations Kverneland seed drill combinationsThe TS Evo

• The intelligent arrangement of the seeding tines over five rows allows the TS Evo to place the seeds accurately into the seedbed
• Using an industrial standard, the machine is connected directly with the ISOBUS terminal of the tractor
• Easy handling and a wide range of equipment
• Easy adjustment because of the lateral positioning of the metering device
• Well proven TS Evo tines made of high quality spring steel fitted with Kverneland leaf-spring auto-reset overload protection
• Wheels mounted in the centre for excellent ground contour following
Claydon hybrid drills Claydon hybrid drillsClaydon hybrid drills deliver on the promise of super-efficient strip tillage. Incorporating the patented Claydon in-line tine design, all models benefit from a range of stand-out features to make this a truly versatile tool for low cost establishment.

• Simple, strong, lightweight design
• Huge trash clearance
• Low horsepower, low fuel usage
• Low running costs, minimal wearing and moving parts
• Quick, easy servicing - change wearing metal in minutes
• Highly manoeuvrable
• Exact seed placement - wheels run on undisturbed ground
• Constant seed depth from stiff spring steel seeding tines
• Easy calibration and intuitive controls
SUMO DTS SUMO DTSThe Deep Tillage Seeder (DTS) drill is based on a concept known as 'strip till drilling', a method of only loosening and preparing a band of soil where the seed is to be placed and leaving the soil in between undisturbed, and therefore not working ground unnecessarily.

There are many advantages to this process; it is quick, large areas can be drilled in one pass, soil structure improves (which means better drainage, less erosion and general well being of the soil) and in most cases, the cost and time savings are huge. The DTS relieves compaction below the seedings and provides a loose friable environment for excellent germination.

Mowing, hedging, hay and forage equipment

Bomford Turner Bomford TurnerThe range of landscape products from Bomford Turner includes an innovative selection of arm mowers, flail mowers and toppers, together with an extensive selection of fittings and controls.

Built in UK factories, utmost care and attention is given to operator comfort and ease of control.
Fendt grass machinery Fendt grass machineryDriven by their success in tractor technology, Fendt have turned their knowledge to hay and forage equipment.

The Fendt Former demonstrates that clean work results begin with well thought-out technology, which is why all models have tangentially arranged rotor arms, for an especially high level of in-field efficiency and raking quality.
Massey Ferguson grass machinery Massey Ferguson grass machineryMassey Ferguson have included an impressive range of rakes, mowers and tedders to their portfolio of products.

With Massey Ferguson you can be sure of a high quality, robust, durable and energy efficient product.

Tedders Video available here
Rakes Video available here
Mowers Video available here
Major Equipment Major EquipmentWhen you're looking for strength and stamina in your machinery, look no further than the MAJOR range of mowers renowned for quality, reliability, and value. With 10 different machines using rotary configurations, Major Equipment’s comprehensive range of tractor-mounted equipment excel on every terrain including pasture topping, mulching, crop and stubble management, orchards and airfields.

Potato equipment

Grimme GB330 planter Grimme GB330 planterThe GB 330 is especially designed for 3-row planting into beds. Compared to the 2-row bed method, it is possible to plant more potatoes on the same area and to distribute them more evenly. The result is a more even growth of the tubers and thus an increased quota of marketable crops.

The Flow-Board is connected with the furrow openers and does assure a constant covering of the tuber. Important settings are easily done via the operator terminal.
Grimme Separators - CS150/170 Grimme Separators - CS150/170An effective separation is the basis for the growing of high quality potatoes on stony and cloddy fields.
The various combinations of stars and main webs with the CS 150/170 give the right solution for the individual grower.

The patented RotaPower increases the sieving output by 25% compared to traditional systems. The rotor crumbles the compacted soil and prepares it for an increased sieving. Wear and tear of the following star rollers and main webs is significantly reduced.
Grimme trailed harvesters GT170M & GT170S Grimme trailed harvesters GT170M & GT170SThe variable and good visible frame constructions of the two machine models GT 170 M and GT 170 S, combined with four different separators, customise the machine to your individual requirements.

The innovative drive concept with several V-belt drives, in lieu of chain drives, reduces wearing and maintenance costs. Another advantage is the hydraulic ridge relief or Terra Control depth control option.

Gentle and extremely versatile the MultiSep and/or the double MultiSep work well in all conditions with various segment rollers to suit the crop and the conditions. Active side panels as well as the length and flexibility of the cart elevator ensure a smooth and gentle discharge of the crop even into deep trailers.
Grimme self-propelled Varitron 200 series Grimme self-propelled Varitron 200 seriesThe self-propelled harvester VARITRON 200 with cart elevator has been developed for customers who want to unload directly on a trailer.

The various options of different separators (MultiSep, Roller Separator, fine haulm elevator), combined with different intake units, allows you to customise the machine to the varying requirements for potato or other root crop harvest. Ground protective rubber tracks allow good harvesting even in wet fields.

With good visibility the driver has a good view onto the intake unit and main webs from the comfortable cab and the simple and innovative touch screen terminal provides the operator with extensive monitoring and control possibilities.