Our Service Department

Recognising and catering for the varied needs of our customers, together with our highly qualified and dedicated employees, ensures we provide you with the highest quality service.

Our manufacturer trained technicians undertake planned, and unplanned, servicing on a wide variety of farm equipment and agricultural machinery.

If you have any questions regarding servicing for your equipment please contact your local branch who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Groundcare Servicing

Whether your garden machinery is key to keeping your lawn and garden in tip top condition, or your groundcare equipment is essential for keeping the tee, football pitch or grounds in the best possible shape, we service every piece of groundcare machinery with highly qualified technicians to keep you on the move. We use genuine parts and only undertake additional work with your express permission.
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AGCO Service Plans AGCO Service PlansThe Massey Ferguson manager service is a customer support package that manages all of your aftersales needs professionally and at fixed costs.

All new Fendt tractors receive Star Service - a complete tractor management tool. Each package is specifically tailored to you and is unique to your tractor, so you get exactly the level of cover you want, at a price that fits.

With Valtra Premium Care you can anticipate maintenance costs, allowing you to better manage your production costs.

Further details are available on our Massey Ferguson, Fendt and Valtra web pages.
NSTS accredited provider NSTS accredited providerDo you own a….
• Boom sprayer
• Air blast sprayer
• Vehicle-mounted sprayer
• ATV-mounted sprayer

...then your sprayer needs to be tested in compliance with the NSTS legislation.

Thurlow Nunn Standen is an accredited provider of the National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) for the UK, offering you sprayer testing to ensure your equipment meets the required legislated standards.

NSTS is a legal requirement.
With effect from 26th November 2016 the requirements for anyone using professional pesticides changed, with all active application equipment having to have an NSTS Certificate.

This includes trailed, mounted and self-propelled sprayers as well as foggers, misters, granular and slug pellet applicators.

Ask your local Service Manager for more details
CESAR Datatag CESAR DatatagWith data tagging – a forensic style DNA signature can be applied to the vehicle, the most popular of which is the CESAR scheme.
The CESAR scheme involves a multiple approach of creating strengthened security – firstly, four distinctive triangular registration plates are fitted to the vehicle’s bodywork and chassis so that potential thieves know it’s tagged. At the same time small transponders are fitted around the hard to reach body parts of the machine. These transponders have no battery and emit no signal, making them hard for the thieves to locate. However, when the right scanner is used they give off a unique code to identify the machine. Finally, forensic DNA is painted on various parts of the machine.
All of this makes it harder for thieves to disguise stolen items – even if number plates are changed and VIN numbers have been ground off.
According to Datatag, machines with tagging in place are four times less likely to be stolen and six times more likely to be recovered if they are.

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Air conditioning Air conditioningWe undertake servicing, repair and also re-gas air conditioning equipment.

Ensure your equipment is serviced and working at optimum capacity.

Book your tractor, combines and self propelled sprayers in for their service today.
Dyno power check Dyno power checkUsing a dynamometer the test is a simple and effective way of highlighting any power probems, oil and water leaks and fuel injection problems, allowing our technicians to diagnose faults, preventing under powered machinery from costing you time and money.

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Trailer brake testing Trailer brake testingThe minimum legal requirement for trailer brakes is 25% braking efficiency at a maximum 20mph (32kph). If you intend to use your trailer for faster speeds it must have a failsafe (dual line hydraulic or air) with at least 45% braking efficiency.
As weight and speed increases, braking tends to be progressively transferred to the tractor which means rapid wear of tractor's brakes and potentially long term damage.
As part of the test, our technicians will check the efficiency of the brakes and will advise whether any work needs to be carried out.
Benefits of having the test carried out include a reduction on your costs of wear and tear and reducing the risks of having an accident and the associated repairs, inconvenience, disruption to your business and even criminal prosecution.

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