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Massey Ferguson tractors, combines and agricultural machinery bear the hallmarks of top performance, reliability, comfort and uncompromising quality.
As one of the world's major agricultural machinery brands, Massey Ferguson is a well-respected company across the UK and worldwide. We are proud to be one of the UK's foremost Massey Ferguson dealers and suppliers and maintain a diverse stock of both new and used MF tractors.

The product range from Massey Ferguson is as diverse as it is innovative; from award winning tractors, through to harvesting and handling equipment.

Massey Ferguson tractors feature award winning innovation, design and technological advancements, with the aim to increase operator comfort, efficiencies and adaptability in today's farming environment.

The Massey Ferguson tractor range includes the ground-breaking 3.3 litre capacity AGCO Power engine of the MF 5700 Series, through to the high horse power of the MF 8700 Series.

Speak to your local sales representative to find the right Massey Ferguson product for you.

Massey Ferguson tractor range

Massey Ferguson MF3700 Series Massey Ferguson MF3700 SeriesThese tough machines have been designed to tackle the widest range of agricultural, specialist and municipal tasks.

Offering a comfortable and spacious working environment, they are versatile and powerful, tackling their tasks simply and cost-effectively.

Available in 2WD and 4WD, in cab and semi-platform versions, the 3 cylinder AGCO Power engines offer a choice of transmissions, including Powershuttle and SpeedShift.
Massey Ferguson MF4700 Series Massey Ferguson MF4700 SeriesMassey Ferguson has always provided innovative, but practical, solutions to farmers' needs to answer the challenges of today's modern farming demands.

The MF4700 Series offers a modern, high performance, heavy duty, straightforward range of tractors that provide exceptional efficiency.

At the heart of the MF4700 Series is the 3.3 litre AGCO Power three-cylinder engine renowned for reliability, ruggedness and fuel economy, delivering 75-95hp.
Massey Ferguson MF5700 Series Massey Ferguson MF5700 SeriesThe new workhorses of the world With this new and straightforward range of tractors, Massey Ferguson has taken the concept of the sub-130hp tractor and re-engineered it from the ground up to meet the needs of present and future farming.

In this power bracket, no other range on the market today offers such an array of build specifications, options and accessories, all designed to help tailor your machine exactly the way you need it for your farming operation.
Massey Ferguson MF6700 Series Massey Ferguson MF6700 SeriesWith 120-130hp the MF6700 Series is powerful yet manoeuvrable. With high visibility, thanks to the profiled bonnet and dash profiles, all jobs will be easier to achieve, with enhanced comfort for the operator.

Key features: Horsepower 120-130, AGCO Power Engine 4.4 litre, Max. lift capacity 5,200 kg, Electronic linkage control, Modern, Efficient and Economical Engine.
Massey Ferguson MF7700 Series Massey Ferguson MF7700 SeriesThe MF7700 Series includes new features that continue to build upon the success of the well established MF7600 Series.

Encompassing nine models, including the new model MF7726 DVT at 280hp with EPM, the range offers a choice of Dyna-4, Dyna-6 and Dyna-VT with hp from 165 through to the 280hp of the MF7726.
Massey Ferguson MF8700 Series Massey Ferguson MF8700 SeriesThe Massey Ferguson MF8700 Series offers some of the most efficient, effective and useable power in this category.

With five models in the range, spanning max powers of 300-400hp with engine power management, MF8700 tractors can operate with ease the largest drills, tillage implements, tankers and trailers.

Massey Ferguson harvesting

Massey Ferguson Activa S combine Massey Ferguson Activa S combineWhen every minute counts during harvest, you need a high performance and reliable machine.

The Activa S combines, within the 243-306 hp range, provide exceptional economy and low running costs. Designed to offer choice for farmers, the new Massey Ferguson Activa S combine range has features for performance and practicality. The operator has been given new higher levels of comfort in this class while offering simple straightforward choices of specification.

View the brochure here
Massey Ferguson Beta combine Massey Ferguson Beta combineThe MF Beta range and ParaLevel versions are ideal for mid to large farms.

Offering low operating costs, excellent fuel economy and simple servicing, these combine harvesters offer straightforward, practical design with a mix of technology and functional features that are simple to work with in the field.

BETA's features:

• 276-360hp range
• Skyline cab
• TechTouch Terminal
• Available with ParaLevel models, offering effortless leveling on slopes up to 20%
• A choice of the premium PowerFlow or high capacity FreeFlow table
• High performance threshing with well-proven high inertia cylinder and heavy duty concave
Massey Ferguson Centora combine Massey Ferguson Centora combineIf you are looking for dependability and reliability, combined with the latest technology, the Centora range offer a choice of high output harvesters to suit your needs and budget.

One of the largest-capacity conventional combines available, the Centora delivers high output and superb straw quality though its unique 8 walker separation system. This impressive range offers improved operator comfort and control with increased capacity and performance while minimising costs.

Features of the Centora include:
• The Centora's tank - from 10,500 litres
• Max power from 379-404hp
• Skyline cab
• AGCO POWER Tier 4 final 8.4 litre, 6 cylinder engine, equipped with SCR technology
• Powerflow table
• Unique 8 bar threshing cylinder
• Even feeding by Constant Flow system
• Auto Level, adjusting for slopes of 12%
• TechTouch terminal
Massey Ferguson Delta combine Massey Ferguson Delta combineWith new features to improve operator comfort and control, together with increasing capacity and performance, the MF Delta hybrid combine meets the harvesting demands of large-scale farmers and contractors.

Merging conventional and rotary technology, and now equipped with the Skyline cab, the MF Delta is fitted with the latest SCR Tier 4 final engine and the high-output, 10.74m PowerFlow table.

Overview of the features:
• Skyline cab
• AGCO POWER Tier 4 engine, equipped with SCR technology
• New 10.74cm cutting width with Powerflow cutting table
• The MF Delta maintains crop feed, boosting performance and guaranteeing fuel efficiency without loss of output
• Constant Flow, even feeding on Generation 2 Delta combines
• Auto Level, adjusting for slopes
• TechTouch terminal
• Venturi cleaning system produces a cleaner grain sample
• Straw chopper rotor diameter of 200mm ensuring a perfect chop for min-till operations
Massey Ferguson IDEAL combine Massey Ferguson IDEAL combineThe new-generation rotary combine harvester range which promises a major step forward in performance and productivity for business-orientated farmers.

Among a host of exceptional new features, models in the Massey Ferguson IDEAL line-up offer the biggest integral grain-tank capacity now available on the European market, the fastest unloading rate and the largest threshing area.

All are focussed on delivering significant gains in efficiency and output.

The three models feature single and dual rotary threshing systems and include the 451hp MF IDEAL7, 538hp MF IDEAL 8 and the 647hp MF IDEAL 9 - plus ParaLevel versions.

The 4.84m 'Dual Helix' rotor fitted to the MF IDEAL 8 and MF IDEAL 9 is the longest in the industry offering, at the same time, very low power requirements and insensitivity to varying crop conditions, leading to fuel efficiency, low grain losses and gentle handling of grain and straw.

Massey Ferguson balers and grass equipment

Massey Ferguson round balers Massey Ferguson round balersMassey Ferguson round balers offer an extremely reliable, high performing range of models, tailored to your specific needs.

Producing high density hay, silage or straw bales, combined with simplicity, ensures they are easy to set up and adjust.

The range offers fixed chamber and variable chamber versions, both with the option to operate either bale or bale and wrap functions.

View MF Balers Video here
Massey Ferguson square balers Massey Ferguson square balersMassey Ferguson offer both an MF1840 small square baler and also the MF2200 big baler.

The MF1840 is a centre line baler with a pickup width of 1.93m and is 'heavy duty' which is ideal for high usage or contracting. The bales produced are just the right size for handling or feeding and just the right density for efficient storage and transport.

The MF square balers have long been renowned for their ability to produce bales of consistent density, shape and weight, and the MF2200 series are high capacity machines, whatever the conditions.

View MF Balers Video here
Massey Ferguson grass machinery Massey Ferguson grass machineryMassey Ferguson have included an impressive range of rakes, mowers and tedders to their portfolio of products.

With Massey Ferguson you can be sure of a high quality, robust, durable and energy efficient product.

Tedders Video available here
Rakes Video available here
Mowers Video available here

Massey Ferguson handlers, loaders and compact tractors

Massey Ferguson MF900 Series front loader Massey Ferguson MF900 Series front loaderThe range of MF900 Series loaders offer 23 models from 830kg to 2770kg lift capacity, and a 3m to 4.95m lift height.

The MF900 Series front loaders are designed and built to the highest standards to ensure maximum performance without compromising tractor operation or serviceability.
Massey Ferguson TH Series Telehandlers Massey Ferguson TH Series TelehandlersAn industry-leading range of high-performance loaders perfectly matched to Massey Ferguson tractors, ensures when you choose a Massey Ferguson loader, you have an unrivalled range of specialised attachments at your fingertips.

Improved driver comfort, combined with power, speed and agility allow you to effortlessly take on the most demanding of tasks with the Massey Ferguson range of handlers.
Massey Ferguson compact tractors Massey Ferguson compact tractorsMassey Ferguson has taken another step forward in strengthening it's position in the compact tractor range.

Models from the MF1500 Series and MF1700 Series offer a choice of hydrostatic or mechanical transmissions; a choice of cab or platform models in the MF1700 range; mid and rear PTOs; and all models are fitted with a Cat. 1 three-point linkage.
We hold a wide stock of genuine Massey Ferguson parts for all ranges and models. If you need a part we don't hold in stock we can source this direct from AGCO, with our direct line ordering, to help keep you on the move.

Massey Ferguson parts are all genuine and guaranteed and with items in stock ranging from oils and filters, through to exhausts and cab glass you can be confident in the quality of the part fitted to your Massey Ferguson tractor.

So, whether the Massey Ferguson part you need is for your Massey Ferguson MF135 or the latest MF 7700 series, we can supply the parts you need.
Genuine Massey Ferguson parts

Massey Ferguson service support

Whatever the age of the Massey Ferguson machine, we have the right aftersales solution to help you save time and money.

With aftersales support it’s not just about supplying a filter or doing an oil change. It’s about providing the best solution to meet our customers’ needs, wrapped up with industry-leading parts and service support.

Service options include:
• Manager 5-year extended warranty and servicing package for new machines.
• Cost-effective Genuine Workshop Solutions for machines out of the warranty period
• 10+ parts. Introduced to support heritage enthusiasts or those just looking for a cheaper genuine alternative to repair their older machine.

Let manager manage your machine

We understand the true value of peace of mind. That’s why AGCO have developed manager; a customer support package that manages all of your aftersales needs professionally and at fixed costs. With the running of your machine taken care of by the experts, you’re free to concentrate on running your business.

3 years / 2400 hours warranty as standard on all MF tractors above 160hp* (* available to UK residents only. Subject to servicing terms & conditions).

We can provide total care for your new Massey Ferguson tractor with full service and extended warranty cover up to 5 years or 6000 hours. If your Massey Ferguson tractor is under 6 months old*, then you can still take advantage of the manager package.

Major components covered by full Massey Ferguson extended warranty plan:
• Engine
• Transmission
• Hydraulics
• PTO systems
• Axles
• Steering
• Electronics
• Cab and controls

Through regular, preventative servicing by Massey Ferguson trained technicians, your machine will constantly be operating at peak performance. Manager is managed for the full period by Massey Ferguson and is not an insurance backed scheme.

Known costs and a higher resale value for your machine
In the unlikely event of a mechanical breakdown, you have the peace of mind that any necessary repairs are covered so there will never be any unexpected repair bills. This allows you to budget precisely for the cost of running your machine. When the time comes to change your machine, its resale value will be higher due to it having a full manager service history.

Flexible Payment
We offer you flexible payment terms enabling you to spread the cost of cover. With our pay-as-you-go option, you simply pay up front for the warranty and then just pay for the servicing as it is done.

We create a manager contract to the precise specification of your machine and to your individual requirements, ask us for a quote today.
*Conditions apply

Why TNS is the preferred choice for buying Massey Ferguson tractors

Buying your next Massey Ferguson tractor requires careful thought and planning - you need to be sure you are buying the right model, at the right price, from the right company who will be there to provide the essential support needed in the agricultural sector.

As the UK's longest serving Massey dealership you can be sure that TNS will provide the service and support you need.

ALL RETAIL SALES OF USED MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTORS ARE SOLD WITH WARRANTY Some of the pre-owned tractors still have their original warranty plans in place and these are available to transfer to the new registered owner. However, if the used tractor you are looking at doesn't have any manufacturer's warranty available then the tractor can be sold with TNS warranty, giving you peace of mind.

SERVICE CONTRACTS ARE AVAILABLE Discuss your requirements with your sales manager and a tailored plan can be put into place to ensure you know exactly what costs need to be taken into account when planning the maintenance of your purchased tractor.

Often we are able to take your current tractor as a trade in against the purchase of your Massey Ferguson tractor, regardless of what make or model you currently have.

FINANCE IS AVAILABLE TNS Finance is a division of Thurlow Nunn Standen, based at our Littleport branch. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority TNS Finance may be able to assist you with the purchase of your used Massey Ferguson tractor. Ask us for more details.*

CONSISTENT, CONTINUOUS SUPPORT You can be assured that you won't be passed from pillar to post - you will have the same area sales manager throughout the process of your purchase of your used Massey Ferguson tractor, and he will have support from the same Operational Manager, Service Manager and Parts Manager. With this consistency you will know that the TNS team will know you, your business, your tractor and your requirements and will always work towards providing the best customer care possible.

YOU CAN VIEW THE USED MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTOR LOCALLY The used Massey Ferguson tractor you want isn't at your local depot? Not a problem. In many cases we are able to move the tractor from one depot to another with our dedicated delivery lorry.

YOUR TRACTOR WILL BE INSPECTED, DELIVERED AND INSTALLED Each tractor undergoes a pre-delivery inspection, following a thorough checklist, and can be delivered to your farm. Our sales managers are fully trained in our products and will install and instruct you on how to safely use your new purchase to it's maximum benefit.

WE ARE THERE FOR YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT This includes the provision of any parts or sundries you may need for your used Massey Ferguson tractor. With trained parts personnel at each of our six branches we are often able to source the part you need from stock, however, should we need to order the part for you, it is often available on a next day delivery, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

Speak to your local area sales manager regarding your interest in our used Massey Ferguson tractors - their contact details can be found by clicking on 'contact us' on the navigation bar at the top of this page.

* Any finance quotation does not constitute an offer, and is valid for 14 days. All agreements are subject to acceptance and underwriting prior to any exchange of funds. Any figures may change subject to variations in Bank Base Lending rates. A Documentation fee of £150.00 applies to all agreements. Thurlow Nunn Standen Ltd and TNS Finance are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority where applicable. Finance is available for business use in the UK only, applicants must be over 18 years old.
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