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Valtra dealers

Valtra tractors combine versatile features and innovative technology into outstanding comfort.
As a Valtra owner you benefit from a reliable, high-quality tractor that has been tailored to meet the needs of your farm or contracting business.
Each Valtra is individually built according to the customer's wishes. This way your tractor features exactly the equipment you need and you do not need to pay for unnecessary extras.

Valtra tractor range

Valtra A Series Valtra A SeriesEvery day, every season, the A Series is your working machine.

The new Valtra A4 Series is the first 4th generation Valtra tractor series that is manufactured both in Suolahti, Finland and Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, making it truly a global tractor.

The 4th generation A Series is a completely new tractor and strongly reflects Valtra’s brand values based on our global customer promise: Your Working Machine
Valtra N Series Valtra N SeriesThe N Series comprises six four-cylinder models, ranging from 105hp (115hp boosted) to 165hp (185hp boosted). Two models, the N114e and N154e also get the Eco system which, when activated, reduces the engine speed by 10-20%, maintaining maximum torque and saving fuel.
The N Series is available in four specifications, from the entry level Hi-Tech, available for all models, through to the Active, Versu and Direct models.

The N Series now represents the world's most powerful four-cylinder tractor on the market, with power provided by the AgcoPower engines. The three smaller models are powered by 4.4L engines, while the largest have 4.9L units.
Valtra S Series Valtra S SeriesMaximise output and minimise costs.

The fourth generation Valtra S Series gives you balanced performance that helps you get the most out of your investment

This engine is a Finnish powerhouse and a world first! This is the first tractor engine to comply with the Tier 4 final, stage 4 emissions standard.

This technology ensures the reliability of the engine with no increase in operating costs.
Valtra T Series Valtra T SeriesThe T-Series fits between the smaller N-Series and the largest S-Series tractors, including models from 155hp-250hp. Available with transmission types and specification to suit most uses this Series is popular with larger mixed and arable farms. This Series features six models available in Hi-Tech, Active, Versu and Direct.
Power is provided by the AgcoPower engines, 6.6L on the two smallest models and 7.4L on the bigger models. Tier 4 final exhaust emissions standards are achieved with the use of SCR (AdBlue), without the need for any exhaust gas recirculation, resulting in routine lubrication services being extended from 500 to 600 hours.
We hold a wide stock of genuine Valtra parts for all ranges and models. If you need a part we don't hold in stock we can source this direct from AGCO, with our direct line ordering, to help keep you on the move.

Valtra parts are all genuine and guaranteed and with items in stock ranging from oils and filters, through to exhausts and cab glass you can be confident in the quality of the part fitted to your Valtra tractor.
Genuine Valtra parts

Valtra PremiumCare

Valtra PremiumCare allows you to anticipate the maintenance costs of your investment so that you can better manage your production costs. With regular maintenance and a full service history the resale value of your tractor is maximised, while Valtra PremiumCare also lets you minimise the lifecycle costs of your tractor.


Your Valtra is designed with ease of maintenance in mind, this results in economic running costs and continued reliability as servicing time is reduced and performance maintained. Timely, regular maintenance by the experts keeps your Valtra at the peak of its performance.
PremiumCare Service Plan is a flexible customer support package which manages all of your servicing needs.
By using AGCO's 'Service Calculator' we can provide you with an extensive cost breakdown of any scheduled service. This cost breakdown will also provide you with a real service cost per working hour of your tractor - putting you in control.

A Valtra PremiumCare Service Plan gives several benefits including peace of mind that your tractor is maintained to a factory level, but also at the same time, giving the flexibility to customise the plan to fit your individual needs.
Having your Valtra serviced by a Valtra dealer means that you can be safe in the knowledge that only high quality, genuine AGCO Parts are used. In addition, you also have the added benefit of a true main dealer service history - so maintaining and maximising your tractor's resale value.
Original Valtra parts are exclusively supplied by AGCO Parts. The AGCO Parts logo and the hologram label on the packaging tells you that your original Valtra part meets exact specifications and has been manufactured by approved suppliers. Original spare parts are always a cost effective solution when considering the total lifespan of the product.

There are affordable easy payment options for service plans or service and extended warranty plans, designed to suit all business financial requirements.
• Fixed costs - A customer Servicing Plan to cover all service requirements, up to 10,000 hours, can be fixed at the time of contract purchase, giving you financial reassurance for the future.
Comprehensive Service to Valtra Standards - Valtra trained service technicians will carry out computerised diagnostic checks using the latest technology to ensure your Valtra tractor delivers maximum performance. Preventative maintenance ensuring maximum performance and reliability.
Valtra PremiumCare Service and Extended Warranty Plans - if you have a new Valtra tractor (up to 12 months old) and want total peace of mind and fixed costs then this plan is right for you. Valtra PremiumCare extended warranty is a fully in-house programme, giving you the assurance that there will not be any hidden surprises. Extended Warranty cover is available up to 5 years/6000 hours.

Talk to us today about Valtra PremiumCare.

Reasons to choose TNS for your used Valtra tractor purchase

ALL RETAIL SALES OF USED VALTRA TRACTORS ARE SOLD WITH WARRANTY Some of the pre-owned tractors still have their original warranty plans in place and these are available to transfer to the new registered owner. However, if the used tractor you are looking at doesn't have any manufacturer's warranty available then the tractor can be sold with TNS warranty, giving you peace of mind.

SERVICE CONTRACTS ARE AVAILABLE Discuss your requirements with your sales manager and a tailored plan can be put into place to ensure you know exactly what costs need to be taken into account when planning the maintenance of your purchased tractor.

YOU CAN TRADE IN YOUR TRACTOR Often we are able to take your current tractor as a trade in against the purchase of your Valtra tractor, regardless of what make or model you currently have.

FINANCE IS AVAILABLE TNS Finance is a division of Thurlow Nunn Standen, based at our Littleport branch. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority TNS Finance may be able to assist you with the purchase of your used Valtra tractor. Ask us for more details.*

CONSISTENT, CONTINUOUS SUPPORT You can be assured that you won't be passed from pillar to post - you will have the same area sales manager throughout the process of your purchase of your used Valtra tractor, and he will have support from the same Operational Manager, Service Manager and Parts Manager. With this consistency you will know that the TNS team will know you, your business, your tractor and your requirements and will always work towards providing the best customer care possible.

YOU CAN VIEW THE USED VALTRA TRACTOR LOCALLY The used Valtra tractor you want isn't at your local depot? Not a problem. In many cases we are able to move the tractor from one depot to another with our dedicated delivery lorry.

YOUR TRACTOR WILL BE INSPECTED, DELIVERED AND INSTALLED Each tractor undergoes a pre-delivery inspection, following a thorough checklist, and can be delivered to your farm. Our sales managers are fully trained in our products and will install and instruct you on how to safely use your new purchase to it's maximum benefit.

WE ARE THERE FOR YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT This includes the provision of any parts or sundries you may need for your used Valtra tractor. With trained parts personnel at each of our six branches we are often able to source the part you need from stock, however, should we need to order the part for you, it is often available on a next day delivery, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

Speak to your local area sales manager regarding your interest in our used Valtra tractors - their contact details can be found by clicking on 'contact us' on the navigation bar at the top of this page.

* Any finance quotation does not constitute an offer, and is valid for 14 days. All agreements are subject to acceptance and underwriting prior to any exchange of funds. Any figures may change subject to variations in Bank Base Lending rates. A Documentation fee of £150.00 applies to all agreements.Thurlow Nunn Standen Ltd and TNS Finance are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority where applicable. Finance is available for business use in the UK only, applicants must be over 18 years old.
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