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As leading agricultural machinery dealers in the East Anglia region we are proud to be associated with a quality product such as Fendt.

The Fendt tractor line means progress, continuously variable and high performance in all classes from 70-500 hp from the 200 Vario to the 1000 Vario. Our manufacturer trained sales team are extremely knowledgeable and can help you to find the best model to suit your business needs. Contact us today to discuss your next tractor purchase.

Fendt tractor range

Fendt Efficient Technology Fendt Efficient TechnologyWhat does it mean for you? It's as simple as 1, 2, 3

1) The philosophy: "More from less"
Achieve more using less resources such as time, fuel or inputs
2) Your benefits include more comfort, more safety, more power and more efficiency
3) The environmental benefits - less trips, less overlapping, less soil compaction, 95% less NOx and less CO2
Fendt 200 Vario Fendt 200 VarioWith the 200 Vario, Fendt offers a new dimension in compactness, productivity and efficiency. Now you can also profit from the superior Vario technology in the power segment from 70 to 110 hp maximum power.

The Fendt 200 Vario, the first compact standard tractor with a continuously variable transmission, is distinguished by maximum profitability, cutting-edge equipment features and easiest operation.

With a brand new design, the 200 Vario offers you a one-of-a-kind driving sensation and comfort as never before.
Fendt 300 Vario Fendt 300 VarioFor many years now, the Fendt 300 range has been a symbol for reliability, economy and long-lasting value.

Fendt created the 300 Vario range with the objective of creating a tractor with superior productivity that is easy to operate.

The range combines the best of two Fendt milestones: the 300 tractor range and the stepless Vario transmission concept. In line with our motto - simple, logical and productive.
Fendt 500 Vario Fendt 500 VarioWith the four new models in the 500 Vario series, Fendt introduces a new vehicle class in the compact standard tractor segment. These tractors offer numerous technical features that were limited to the top tractor class, until now.

Versatile innovations and equipment options give the Fendt 500 Vario unrivalled competitive advantages in the performance range from 125 to 165 hp. The new representative for the Fendt Efficient Technology convinces with cutting-edge engine technology and the fuel-saving SCR technology for exhaust after-treatment.

Features from the Fendt high-horsepower tractor - the unique VisioPlus cab and the Variotronic - are also found in the new Fendt 500 Vario.
Fendt 700 Vario Fendt 700 VarioWith the advent of the 700 Vario, Fendt introduced a new compact, high horsepower tractor. A maximum output of 200-240hp, combined with exceptional compactness, makes a wide range of applications possible, from heavy-duty field work and light rowcrop work, to manoeuvrable front loader operations. The undisputed highlight of the new Fendt 700 Vario is the VisioPlus cab - redefining visibility.

At the heart of the matter:
• 6.06-1 six-cylinder engine with common rail injection: 240hp maximum output at 1800rpm
• SCR technology for compliance with emissions standard Stage 3b/Tier IV interim and excellent fuel efficiency
• Continuously variable Vario transmission ML180
• Tractor Management System (TMS) and automatic maximum output control are standard
• Excellent power-weight ratio of 33 kg/hp (724 Vario)
Fendt 800 Vario Fendt 800 VarioWith the 800 Vario, Fendt introduced the next generation of compact high-horsepower tractors.

A maximum engine power output of 280hp and the completely new electronics platform, Variotronic, are only a couple of the highlights on the Fendt 800 Vario. The SCR engine technology ensures highly efficient use of fuel for greater profitability.

The introduction of VarioGrip - the tyre pressure regulation system - demonstrates another feature of the intelligent and energy enhancing technology employed on the Fendt 800 Vario.
Fendt 900 Vario Fendt 900 VarioThe Fendt 900 Vario is the “executive” on the tractor market. With a maximum output of 390 hp, it delivers power and performance like no other, and intelligently converts it into pure efficiency.

As the leader on the tractor market for large-scale farms and contractors, the Fendt 900 Vario can now do more and does it a lot easier, thanks to intelligent technology.

Experience the bundled expertise in power transmission, electronics, efficiency and robustness in the new series.
Fendt 1000 Vario Fendt 1000 VarioThe Fendt 1000 Vario power class runs from 380 to 500 hp and features a compact design and award winning, fully integrated Fendt Variotronic. In addition to compliance with the legal regulations of emissions stage 4/Tier 4 Final, Fendt has equipped the new 1000 Vario tractor with the latest engine and transmission technology and a 12.4 litre six-cylinder engine.

The VarioGrip tyre pressure regulation system offers up to 15% more pulling power and area coverage through less slip. The high performance, high speed chassis offers superior ride comfort with 4-point cab suspension, improved visibility with optimal sightlines and the outstanding front illumination from the integrated bonnet lights ensure operator comfort and ease of use is at the forefront.
Fendt Cargo loader Fendt Cargo loaderThe front Fendt Cargo loader offers sophisticated technology for maximum productivity.

An ideal partner for Vario tractors, the Cargo is a universal implement. All models are equipped with the unique Cargo Lock coupling system and parallel guidance with Z-kinematics.

The Fendt CargoProfi has new features, including a weighing system and the ability to set working range.

Fendt tracked tractors

Fendt 900 MT Fendt 900 MTThe Fendt 900 Vario MT was developed as a pure tracked tractor, ideal for the challenges.

Combining experience and innovation the Fendt 900 MT boasts:

• AGCO Power 9.8 litre seven-cylinder engine, up to 431hp
• Fendt iD low engine speed concept
• Fendt VarioDrive drive concept
• Constant grip roller suspension
• Up to 440 litres/min hydraulic power
• Track tractor with SmartRide chassis
Fendt 1100 MT Fendt 1100 MTThe 12-cylinder AGCO Power engine of the 1100 MT, with it's innovative drive technology, sets new standards in the field of power transmission and all of that with full road capability.

Thanks to the unique suspension system integrated into the track tractor, both the drives can be adapted to the ground contours independently. The oscillating rollers press the rolling tracks onto the ground in order to keep the contact area as large as possible, even on uneven surfaces.

The four models range from 336 kW/ 457hp through to 440kW/598 hp.

Fendt harvesters and balers

Fendt combines Fendt combinesThe harvesting season requires quick and reliable performance.

Fendt combines unite precise control with robust cutting tables for a high output, across the range, to suit your farm.

E Series
129kW/175hp to 160kW/218hp
L Series
170kW/243hp to 225kW/306hp
C Series
225kW/306hp to 265kW/360hp
336kW/451hp to 483kW/647hp
Fendt balers Fendt balersFendt balers offer optimal baling results for silage, hay and straw.

Both square and round balers are available, offering well-formed bales and high quality fodder as a result of well-tested baling technology.

Perfectly compressed crop material means more material per bale, less time spent in the field and during transport.
Katana forage harvester Katana forage harvesterThe Fendt Katana forage harvester is the way to maximise a truly efficient harvest.

With precise control, the Katana provides high output, combined with the best chopping quality for maize, grass and energy crops.

A cutterhead diameter of 720mm and a width of 800, combined with an infinitely adjustable cutting length direct from the cab make the Katana ideal for your forage harvesting needs.

Fendt sprayers and grass equipment

Fendt RoGator Fendt RoGatorThe three models in this range come with high specification right from the start.

RG635 4 cylinder engine, 40kph transmission with a choice of 4000/5000L tank and boom width up to 36m.
RG645 6 cylinder, 40 or 50kph option transmission with a choice of 4000/5000L tank and boom width up to 36m.
RG655 6 cylinder, 40 or 50kph option transmission with a choice of 5000/6000L tank and boom width up to 36m.
Fendt RG300 trailed Fendt RG300 trailedIn 2016 AGCO launched the Rogator RG300 trailed machine.,

The RG300 was launched with all the benefits of the RG600 Series but in trailed form, with boom widths of 24m/28m and 30m available and a choice of 3300L, 4400L, 5500L or 6600L tank.
Fendt grass machinery Fendt grass machineryDriven by their success in tractor technology, Fendt have turned their knowledge to hay and forage equipment.

The Fendt Former demonstrates that clean work results begin with well thought-out technology, which is why all models have tangentially arranged rotor arms, for an especially high level of in-field efficiency and raking quality.
We hold a wide stock of genuine Fendt parts for all ranges and models. If you need a part we don't hold in stock we can source this direct from AGCO, with our direct line ordering, to help keep you on the move.

Fendt parts are all genuine and guaranteed and with items in stock ranging from oils and filters, through to exhausts and cab glass you can be confident in the quality of the part fitted to your Fendt tractor.
Genuine Fendt parts

Fendt Service

All new Fendt tractors receive Star Service - a complete tractor management tool. Each package is specifically tailored to you and is unique to your tractor, so you get exactly the level of cover you want, at a price that fits.

You can select from a variety of options, in total months and total hours, allowing you to choose the term that fits your individual requirements and ownership plans.

Each tractor is as unique as your business.

Fendt Star Service

With Star Service you can expect:

• Flexibility to match your operational requirements
• Comprehensive servicing so you can be assured of productivity and reliability
• Fixed servicing costs to help with your financial planning
• Planned servicing and administration
• Fendt's latest servicing schedule will guide planned servicing
• All servicing carried out by trained and experienced technicians with access to the latest manufacturer's information
• Use of complex and specialist diagnostic equipment designed for today's sophisticated tractors
• Genuine AGCO parts used to promote reliability and longitude of service
• Optimum resale value maintained with a full service history
• Simple straight forward payments to fit in with your financial plans

Speak to your local sales representative who will be happy to guide you through the process.

Reasons to choose TNS for your used Fendt tractor purchase

Careful thought and planning goes into the purchase of your next Fendt tractor - you need to be sure you are buying the right model, at the right price, from the right company who will be there to provide the essential support you need.

As the UK's largest Fendt dealership you can be sure that TNS will provide the support and service you need.

ALL RETAIL SALES OF USED FENDT TRACTORS ARE SOLD WITH WARRANTY Some of the pre-owned tractors still have their original warranty plans in place and these are available to transfer to the new registered owner. However, if the used tractor you are looking at doesn't have any manufacturer's warranty available then the tractor can be sold with TNS warranty, giving you peace of mind.

SERVICE CONTRACTS ARE AVAILABLE Discuss your requirements with your sales manager and a tailored plan can be put into place to ensure you know exactly what costs need to be taken into account when planning the maintenance of your purchased tractor.

YOU CAN TRADE IN YOUR TRACTOR Often we are able to take your current tractor as a trade in against the purchase of your Fendt tractor, regardless of what make or model you currently have.

FINANCE IS AVAILABLE TNS Finance is a division of Thurlow Nunn Standen, based at our Littleport branch. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority TNS Finance may be able to assist you with the purchase of your used Fendt tractor. Ask us for more details.*

CONSISTENT, CONTINUOUS SUPPORT You can be assured that you won't be passed from pillar to post - you will have the same area sales manager throughout the process of your purchase of your used Fendt tractor, and he will have support from the same Operational Manager, Service Manager and Parts Manager. With this consistency you will know that the TNS team will know you, your business, your tractor and your requirements and will always work towards providing the best customer care possible.

YOU CAN VIEW THE USED FENDT TRACTOR LOCALLY The used Fendt tractor you want isn't at your local depot? Not a problem. In many cases we are able to move the tractor from one depot to another with our dedicated delivery lorry.

YOUR TRACTOR WILL BE INSPECTED, DELIVERED AND INSTALLED Each tractor undergoes a pre-delivery inspection, following a thorough checklist, and can be delivered to your farm. Our sales managers are fully trained in our products and will install and instruct you on how to safely use your new purchase to it's maximum benefit.

This includes the provision of any parts or sundries you may need for your used Fendt tractor. With trained parts personnel at each of our six branches we are often able to source the part you need from stock, however, should we need to order the part for you, it is often available on a next day delivery, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

Speak to your local area sales manager regarding your interest in our used Fendt tractors - their contact details can be found by clicking on 'contact us' on the navigation bar at the top of this page.

* Any finance quotation does not constitute an offer, and is valid for 14 days. All agreements are subject to acceptance and underwriting prior to any exchange of funds. Any figures may change subject to variations in Bank Base Lending rates. A Documentation fee of £150.00 applies to all agreements.Thurlow Nunn Standen Ltd and TNS Finance are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority where applicable. Finance is available for business use in the UK only, applicants must be over 18 years old.
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