Fendt IDEAL 10

Steering, without a steering wheel

With the Fendt IDEAL 10, Fendt introduces the first standard combine in Europe to be operated entirely without a steering wheel. The Fendt IDEALDrive steering system will be available exclusively on the Fendt IDEAL..
With Fendt IDEALDrive steering, the machine is controlled proportionately to the movement of a joystick on the left, with all the same functions on the joystick on the right armrest.

It gives the best view of front threshing attachments and offers the perfect overview, even on the road. The unique system complies with all European vehicle and traffic regulations. For easy access to the driver's seat, the left armrest can be folded up.

The Fendt IDEAL 10 can be ordered from July 2020, ready for the 2021 harvest.

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