Our groundcare service

Whether your garden machinery is key to keeping your lawn and garden in tip top shape, or your groundcare equipment is essential for keeping the tee, football pitch or grounds in the best possible shape, we service every piece of groundcare machinery with highly qualified technicians to keep you on the move.

If you would like to discuss your groundcare machinery requirements then please do not hesitate to contact our Service Managers.

Your Service Managers

Hinderclay - Nick Mitchell  01379 890823

Attleborough - Philip Goss 01953 450400

Littleport - Dick Hill 01353 863038   

Kennett - Peter Brown 01638 750322  

Melton - Alan Van Der Merwe 01394 382801

Sculthorpe - James Belson  01328 862333


Stihl garden machinery

We can cater for your planned, or unplanned, servicing of handheld garden equipment including strimmers, chainsaws and hedgecutters.
Handheld servicing

Planned servicing

When you book your ride on mower in for a service, you can expect us to include checks on the oil, filters, safety switches, tyre pressures and wheel nuts. Ask your Service Manager for more details.
Planned servicing catered for

Pedestrian mowers

Your walk behind will also benefit from regular servicing, our checks will include a sharpening of the blade, change the oil, air filter, change the plug, clean the tank and checks on the carburettor.
Pedestrian mowers serviced

Servicing cutting decks

Our servicing for cutting decks is extensive and includes checks of belts, blades, bearings and castor wheels, speak to your Service Manager for more details.
Cutting decks serviced

Servicing for tractors

Key components of our thorough servicing for compact tractors includes checking steering joints, king pins, belts, radiator, brakes and electrics. Your service will be undertaken by a qualified groundcare technician, trained in the key manufacturing brands.
Groundcare tractors serviced