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Customer testimonials

Read on for customer testimonials regarding some of our key products

Establishing crops in an efficient manner with Kverneland

Kverneland products have been used at J M Harcourt's Church Farm, near Holt, since the 1990's. The farm has about 400 acres down to crops with 75-80 of these acres being sugar beet; the remainder is cereals, oilseed and beans. An area is also let for a pig unit and several acres of grass.

The first Kverneland plough purchased was a 3 furrow LD85 in the early 1990’s. George Harcourt explains: “Kverneland already had a good reputation in the area and we purchased the LD85 to improve the quality of the ploughing. With a good furrow press this improvement allowed drilling straight onto the ploughed and pressed work. The plough could be adjusted as necessary for slopes, hills and varying soil conditions.”

Skip forward in time and Kverneland products are still working on the land. Getting beet drilled in the ideal window ensures a good start for the crop and is a critical time - things need to go to plan without breakdowns, so the decision was taken to purchase a new beet drill with a neighbour, to share the machine and cost. The 12 row (electronic) Monopil drill was purchased three seasons ago. The electronics are fully and comprehensively integrated into the machine, allowing control and monitoring of every seed. Initially an older tractor was used with the drill but more recently the drill was matched with a tractor with Isobus.

George adds: “Drill technology has moved on and it is only since we have had the drill that this fact has been realised. Although the basic parts of the drill appear similar, it has been vastly improved mechanically. The drill was ‘plugged’ into the tractor with Isobus and it worked exactly as it should - although I understand more is possible. Autosteering and drill unit auto shutoff are avenues to explore in the future.”

A recent addition to the farm has been a Kverneland TS drill. George continues: “Our aim has been to establish crops at the ideal time in an efficient manner. The TS drill offers tines and plenty of clearance (stagger), it is simple to calibrate, fill and is easy to pull (4m drill with 125hp) and the clodboards/leveller works well for us.”

George adds: “We have been trading with the Eagle Iron Works depot at Sculthorpe ever since I can remember, the convenience of having a dealer close by is a definite benefit to us.”

In-depth knowledge and open-minded approach

Paul Harrison of P.J. & S.M. Harrison works a 600 acre farm near Coveney, Cambridgeshire. Crops are predominantly potatoes, oil seed rape and cereals.

The purchase of three specialist HM Trailers from Thurlow Nunn Standen to replace their older fleet of one 14 tonne and three 10 tonne trailers is intended to reduce the damage to crops from handling. The new 14 tonne trailers were put to use in the grain harvest before working hard in the potato harvest later in the year.

So why choose HM Trailers? Paul explains: “I visited the factory with my local Area Sales Manager, Jim Sculthorpe, and was won over by the enthusiasm and knowledge of the owner, Grant Perry. His in-depth knowledge of what people want and the open-minded approach to building what people need was a major selling point. “Also, seeing Grant was a hands-on person, wearing a boiler suit and ready to muck in, rather than someone just sitting behind a desk, gave me confidence.

“The specification of metal and axle options convinced me that these trailers are very well made and a real quality product.” Paul’s new trailers have a 22 tonne running gear, heavy duty axles and will be easier to back up to the hopper, meaning less damage and loss. With all three trailers being the same spec and height, Paul will be able to set the hopper to the same height and use multiple trailers without having to re-set the hopper, saving time and labour.

Jim Sculthorpe, TNS Area Sales Manager, adds: “The quality of HM Trailers, coupled with the ability to have the trailer made exactly to your specification, is a major selling point to our customers. With the diversity, higher yields and pressure on margins and resources of today’s modern farming sector, the reliability and robust nature of quality products is essential in giving a farming company the edge over competitors.”

Grant Perry of HM Trailers adds: “We use top end materials, where possible, together with a very high standard of build on all our trailers, creating a high quality competitively priced UK manufactured product. Which is built to suit the requirements of the end user. We have and continue to put a lot of design time and planning, remaining flexible and adaptable, to create a trailer which fits and works safely in the customer’s environment."

Paul sums it up: “The trailers are very well made with lots of strong metal and a good build, add to this the fact that they are competitively priced and the knowledge of Grant, and the decision of which trailer to buy was an easy one to make.”

Fendt - the master of the job

Richard Gay of Mautby Farms, near Great Yarmouth, works three Fendts on the 1000 acre farm. With a mix of sugar beet, wheat, barley and rape on the land, his tractors have to demonstrate versatility.

Fendts have been a feature on the farm since 2011 with the 722 being the first one purchased. The 722 is the main drilling tractor, from working down sugar beet land and cereal drilling through to fertiliser spreading and trailer work, the 722 is put through its paces.

The Fendt 828 was selected for the higher HP for the heavy tillage work - to be the master of the job. The 828 also pulls its weight with ploughing and cultivating and has been the heavy weight on the farm for the last year.

Richard explains: “We had previously used a variety of other brand tractors on the farm but have found the Fendts to perform well and have decided to stay with this brand.

“The third addition to the Fendt fleet is the 516. We decided to go with this model because we wanted something more light weight and yet a tractor that could still perform well in multi use; we purchased the tractor following TNS' recommendation.”

Another advantage to the 516 is it is compatible with the inbuilt GPS. Richard operates one GPS unit which is swapped between the tractors. The 828 makes use of the GPS for a variety of tillage jobs, the 516 for cultivation and sugar beet drilling with the 722 gaining benefit with the main cereals drilling.

Richard adds: “The service we receive from TNS is very good, Philip Goss, the Service Manager at Attleborough, is very knowledgeable and helpful.

“We’ve used different brands of tractors over the years but we’ve settled on Fendt as our brand of choice and we’re very happy with that decision.”

Massey Ferguson - reliable, economical and exceptional performance

Paul Gunther of Paul Gunther Contracting, Taversham, near Norwich, has operated Massey Ferguson tractors for a number of years.

When asked why he uses Massey Ferguson tractors, Paul Gunther replies: “They are reliable, economical and perform exceptionally well in all my contracting and farming applications.”

Paul who previously used different makes of tractors for many years decided to have a change and tried different options. He opted for Massey Ferguson because of the simplicity of use and the ability to deliver market leading performance.

He explains: “When assessing the different performances I found I liked the simplicity of the Massey Ferguson engine rev pre-sets. I liked the idea and found that the tractor performed well with good accuracy.

“The men liked the performance and especially the comfort of the Massey Ferguson tractors, we do some long hours!”

In 2008 Paul bought three Massey Fergusons and has since added eight MF6499s, with a MF7619 and two MF7624s joining the fleet. A MF3080 yard tractor and MF20B ‘hobby’ tractor are also much used and loved.

Paul likes the Massey Ferguson brand so much that he had six new muck spreaders sprayed Massey Ferguson red with grey wheels to match.

He adds: “When you find a good, reliable, make of tractor and a company you can rely upon, it gives you peace of mind to know you have the invaluable support you need to keep your tractors and business on the move.”

Modern, sophisticated and reliable

These are the words Colin Barrett of Rosewood Farm, near Melton Constable, uses to describe their Fendt 720.

Colin explains: “Our Fendt 720 is the only large tractor on the farm, so we need total reliability, however, we know that should we need assistance, the Sculthorpe branch will do everything they can to help us - the service we receive is excellent.”

Fendt tractors have been running on the farm for four years and the 720 is the second Fendt to be used. Rosewood Farm has 300 acres plus an additional 100 acres of rented land and Colin engages in some contracting work - and this is where the versatility of the Fendt comes to the fore.

Colin adds: “The Fendt is so versatile, it does everything from light cultivation and heavy cultivation through to drilling, baling and mowing on the farm. We opted for a new tractor because we wanted a modern, sophisticated and reliable machine - and that is what we have found in the Fendt.”

Contract work includes full cereal operations as well as all grassland requirements from establishment to harvesting. From pulling a 16 tonne grain trailer on one day, through to sub-soiler work, ploughing or drilling the next - the Fendt excels in all areas.

Colin summarises the performance of the Fendt: “With the 720 we have the compactness you would expect from a small tractor, with the HP and performance of a large tractor, it really is the complete package for us.”

When something is described as amazing, it's worth taking a look

William Easton, of F H Easton Ltd, farms 2000 acres near Bunwell, Norwich. Crops are predominantly wheat, oil seed rape and sugar beet, with Triticale planted after the beet.

The farming enterprise works in tandem with the family-owned haulage company, which is also involved in agriculture. Massey Ferguson tractors have been used for four years - two MF6499s are on farm and a MF7626 was added to the fleet last harvest.

William explains: “We choose Massey Ferguson because of the reliability. However, we quickly discovered that one of the major advantages of the MF7626 was the amount of torque at low revs. We got on so well with the MF7626 that we decided to order another one.

“We previously used to plough 75% of the farm with another tractor brand, however, it wasn’t capable of achieving the ploughing that the MF7626 can do. The MF7626 can do more work for 100hp less, and operate in conditions the other brand couldn’t manage.”

William adds: “It’s amazing what the Massey Ferguson MF7626 has done for us, and that is why we chose to order another one.”

Massey Ferguson - Quality, support and value for money

These are three reasons why Ian Forman, Farm Manager at Keith Farm Partnership near Fakenham, Norfolk, chooses to buy Massey Ferguson from Thurlow Nunn Standen

Keith Farm Partnership added another Massey Ferguson to their fleet in March 2014 with the introduction of a MF8660. The impressive MF8660, 8.4 litre, 6 cylinder turbo/intercooled e3 SCR engine adds some muscle power with it’s Dyna-VT transmission. Ian explains, “The driver tried three different brands of tractors and the Massey Ferguson was his favourite. We found the price of the MF8660 extremely competitive and these were two of the factors that prompted us to buy the tractor from TNS”.

Another factor was the knowledge that the Thurlow Nunn Standen Sculthorpe branch is so close to the farm, something which Ian describes as ‘handy’. Ian added: “We have been working with the Sculthorpe depot for many years and continue to work closely with the TNS team. Knowing they are on call just down the road should we need anything is very reassuring.”

Keith Farm Partnership have farmed with Massey Ferguson since 2008 and have had MF6480s and MF6499s working on the farm during that time. Ian describes the tractors as “very good - we’ve got on very well with them”.

So, why choose a Fendt?

Bill Legge, of A L Legge & Son Ltd, has owned Fendt tractors for 30 years, with 29 tractors covering that time span. At the time of writing, they work 10 Fendt tractors.

Bill explains: "We have always been happy with the build quality of the Fendt product and the back-up we have received from Fendt. The resale value has always been exceptional, which helps offset the higher than average new cost.

"Fendt have always led the development of new ideas in agricultural engineering, but only released products when they have been proven - the Vario transmission is typical of this progression. We have enjoyed the benefits for 12 years while other makes are still trying to catch up."

Since TNS took over the sales and service of Fendt in 2000 Jim Sculthorpe, based at Littleport, has been the main contact for A L Legge & Son. Bill adds: "Jim's enthusiasm and knowledge for Fendt far exceeds the title of 'sales', he is always on hand to help and offer guidance. Likewise, Kevin Palmer, our Fendt technician at Littleport, is passionate about the product and has built up vast knowledge of the tractors. He treats them as his own."

"Since the opening of the Littleport branch, we have had a wider workforce to call on and the pooling of knowledge and experience being brought together has greatly improved the service we receive."

As Bill points out, he once knew every Fendt and its driver, but not any more - "The vast numbers of Fendt tractors now out and about on farms in the fens shows how popular they have become."